So the weather has been pretty fabulous in the UK recently. We’ve been treated to temperatures of 20-25 degrees centigrade, which for April is impressive! With good weather in the UK comes a lot of people flaunting their physique and flashing that skin. The problem is, the British and Irish aren’t accustomed to the sun, and what happens is they end up going pink! Brits don’t tan well you see, but it’s all good as I stay away from beaches and the parks I visit tend to be plentiful in space, no pinkness can bother me there! I do feel for the Brits though. I mean, I’m Kashmiri, therefore permanently tanned and when sunlight hits me, I tan even more! If I could, I’d share my colour with all the less fortunate pinkies, I know they’re itching for a tan more than I am anyway!

So it’s a wonderful day, and I’ve just played a good session of badminton in central London. Walking back to the station I notice a pregnant lady walking past! She was wearing a short, tight white top and half of her bump was visible. I always have a sense of joy when I see a pregnant lady, especially on London Underground where I jump at the chance to offer them a seat. The whole nature of pregnancy is beautiful, but do you know what ruins it for me? When people show their bump in the flesh and think it’s natural or normal.

I’ll probably split opinions here, but I’m of the view that when a lady is pregnant, cover the bump and keep it covered. Showing it off to the world destroys the beauty of it and always leaves me wondering “where shall I look?”. I mean staring at it is rude, and then not looking at it is difficult since it is so out there. What put me off this more than anything was that the top she wore was absolutely not designed for someone pregnant. It was a tight white vest top that appeared to be forced over her bump and just did not want to stay down. Predictably, as she walked the top would slowly roll up, and low and behold her gut would then be on display. This woman in particular is not the only culprit and celebrities who do model shoots in their birthday suit while pregnant make me cringe even more! I don’t care if you’re Beyonce Knowles, Jessica Alba or Eva Longoria, I don’t want to see you in nude shots with your bump! It destroys the beauty of pregnancy and makes most people feel squeamish.

Pregnancy is amazing when women wear simple clothes. Those typical pumps they wear so their feet don’t swell, the simple white bottoms that go loosely around their waist, the warm coloured top that goes comfortably around their bump and is accompanied with a cardigan to help the mother and baby stay warm! I mean they do need to stay warm right? JM said in her immortal words “She’s gotta keep the baby warm and protect it from the draft!” I couldn’t have said it any better! So I ask pregnant women out there to cover your bumps, dress modest and inspire other women to have kids of their own with your beauty. This is Arainmunda signing out.