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I’m sure you’ve heard this famous quotation many times in your life. It can be applied to almost any situation and has a real honesty about it. “The grass is not, in fact, always greener on the other side of the fence”. Today, I’m talking about this from a relationship perspective. You know; when you have someone you thought was fabulous, things begin to die down and you think of the other guy or girl that you could be with. Well I’m here to explain to you why that isn’t such a good idea and my perspective on how life works in terms of male and female relationships.

I think the whole friendship routine between a guy and a girl is slightly unnatural and flawed. I mean this is probably hypocritical coming from me as I have a few female friends and I think their company is brilliant. But I mean, why do guys and girls become friends? We tend to favour people from the same sex as we have more in common, similar interests and a comparable way of thinking. With the opposite sex, I have my own theory on how and why it happens and I’m going to explain it now. When looking for a spouse; we have a psychological check list that needs to be satisfied before we consider a subject the one”. This check list is a number of necessities that we as humans require and if the person you just met covers around 70% – 100% of that list, you move in for the kill! Humans have an animal like instinct and often we don’t realise it because it’s psychological. When you meet a person, regardless of whether you have a spouse or not, if this new person covers 40% – 69% of your check list (yes that same check list you use for your spouse) they become friendship material. Gosh, it sounds a bit complicated and scientific doesn’t it? Let me be a bit more literal, I think your friends of the opposite sex have a good selection of qualities you think would be amazing in a spouse, but they don’t have enough, they’re just short and that is why you’re “just friends”.

Example, lets say you’re a single guy called Bob (I know, I’m so imaginative), you’re not really looking for a girlfriend but you meet Jane who is pretty darn amazing. She’s funny, cute, kind, intelligent, into fast cars like yourself, loves to party, all the good stuff. You think she’s incredible, so you ask her out and to your delight she says yes! A week before this, Bob met a girl who was chirpy, quiet and into fast cars, he did not ask her out but he got on well enough to be friends with her. Rewind further a week before that, Bob met a cheerleader (which he hates), who was pretty cute, and quite a nice person….Bob doesn’t even bother keeping in touch with her. This is what life is in real. More often than not, your closest friends of the opposite sex have around half of the things you want in a partner. Think of your friends, think why they are your friend and what it is that keeps your friendship going. I could prove this further by saying there are some friends who you rely on for certain things that not even your spouse can cover. This is because that 1% – 30% that they don’t cover, someone else in your life will. Ever been darn interested in a particular topic and your better half has little or no care in the world for it? Frustrating right? Why not talk to someone else about it? No problem, but whatever happens, do not speak to a friend from the opposite sex about it.

Let me explain. When you have just had an argument with your better half, the topics you argue about are often in regard to the boxes on your check list they do not tick. Example, Bob want’s to have a night in when Jane wants to hit a club and party the night away. The pair bicker, Bob complains that Jane shouldn’t ask this of him when he’s not into it and does not want to go. Jane complains that it is who she is and she loves doing it. They have a row, Jane storms out and Bob goes to sleep haha! This is where it gets interesting. Jane goes and meets her friend Jason….he is a DJ at a nightclub, she’s known him since school and he has a bit of a crush on her. They party the night away, he comforts her because she’s upset, and what is happening is that the one thing Jane is missing in her life, Jason is covering. He talks to her, dances with her, parties with her and suddenly Jane wishes Bob was more like him. Jane has a one night stand with Jason and now her relationship with Bob is damaged beyond repair.

You might think, good for Jane and Jason, Bob was a boring loser anyway. But, and this is where the quote makes sense, Jason has nothing else which interests Jane. She doesn’t see this while she is upset and wanting to party, but when she dumps Bob and goes to Jason, she understands the scale of the mistake she has made. You cannot give up something fantastic in your life, for one incredible night of fun, so many people do it and most end up regretting it. When you have relationship troubles, the best thing to do is take a deep breath, step back and maybe call someone who you think can calm you down and talk to you, preferably of the same sex! This gives you a chance to reflect on what you have and realise how special it is. Don’t jump over the fence and fill the small irrelevant gap that you think needs to be filled. The fact is, if you find someone in today’s day and age who gives you 70% of what you want in a spouse, you have in fact hit the jackpot. For those of my readers who have hit the jackpot, I congratulate you. Be good, don’t do anything stupid and cherish what you have. This is the Arainmunda, signing out.


So who hasn’t heard the news? Barack Obama had a live broadcast in Washington to the US public and announced the assassination of Osama Bin laden. The news created a storm, American’s partying all night in celebration at the man’s death and I guess you can understand their jubilation. I mean this is the man they blamed for 9/11 and the killing of over 3,000 innocent people. But on hearing the news of his “death” in a highly secret mission on Sunday, I did one thing; laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of the story.

Now first things first, let me make a few things clear. I understand a lot of Muslim’s think Bin Laden was a hero, a martyr and a sheikh. The man as far as I am concerned is just another guy, was no sheikh and didn’t have an overwhelming knowledge of the Islamic religion. Some of his actions were ridiculous, some were brave and heroic, but no one should take this man as a role model or someone who they want to be like. You can’t as a young Muslim want to be apart of Al Qaeda and worship this man like he’s a saint, because he is not. He is just another man who has been accused of atrocities and has encouraged terrorism on several fronts. Do I like him? Not really no. So why did I laugh at the ridiculousness of the story?

Lets get some facts out of the way. Osama Bin Laden is the son of an extremely wealthy Saudi Arabian native. He (Bin Laden) had a fortune of around $300 million, had three or four wives and was literally living it up back in the 70’s. Imagine that? Imagine you were in his shoes for just a minute. You’re mega rich, you live in a palace, you have four wives, lots of kids and are living happily. Would you throw that all away and leave? Bin Laden did. He went to Afghanistan in 1979 because they were at war with the Soviet Union. He felt so bad for them that he went out there, fought the Soviets who were illegally invading Afghanistan and led the natives to victory. I don’t think people realise how big an achievement this is. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, even the USA were too scared to go in and fight with the Soviet Union. They were petrified of each other. The Soviet’s were scared of the US, and vice versa. So it shows outstanding courage for a 22 year old Arab millionaire to throw aside his wealth and fight for what he believes in. Not only did he fight, he led the Afghani’s to an outstanding victory, it was the ass kicking of all ass kickings.

How did he do it? You know they say war is about who has a bigger army, larger numbers and technology. But that doesn’t do it. What does it is a fearless nature. Even today you pick up a newspaper in the USA and UK, a few pages in you read “British and American soldiers die in Afghanistan”. Why do British and American soldiers keep getting sent back to their country in body bags? They have better weapons, intelligence, training, everything?! It’s fear. They have something in the back of their mind, a family to go back to, a nice comfortable home and friends. What do the Afghani’s have? Nothing. They have nothing to lose, most of their wealth has been stolen, their families murdered and slaughtered, they have nothing. So they go into battle thinking “I will reach martyrdom, I have nothing to lose, kill me at your own peril” it’s much harder to kill someone who doesn’t fear death. So this is one of the reasons Bin Laden’s army was victorious. Another reason is because he was trained by the CIA and armed by the US. This is a fact. The same country who are enemies with Bin Laden, trained and armed him. Oh the irony.

Now after this battle, years passed and Bin Laden was still fantastic for the USA, until he rebelled and wanted them to stop assisting the Israeli’s butcher the Palestinians. Fair enough, who doesn’t want that? Every year for the last 50, the UN passes judgement on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They have a ruling which is something along the lines of “Which countries object to peaceful negotiation and equal split of land between the Palestinians and Israelis” and of the 192 countries in the UN, only 4-5 object! Only two of them consistently have done for 50 years and that is the USA and Israel. They talk about “War on Terrorism” but in actual fact, they’re the two biggest terrorist nations out there.

Now because the USA did not comply and continued to help Israel, Bin Laden grew furious and began to launch attacks on the US forces. He also encouraged terrorist actions on the US, which lead to people doing outrageous things to bring them down, it gave Islam a negative vibe. He was stripped of his citizenship from Saudi Arabia as a result and lived in Afghanistan for good. I am completely against acts of terrorism, especially when harming innocent people, so Bin Laden encouraging it is something I strongly disagree with. This is the point my admiration of Bin Laden ends. Yes he did good things up until the early 90s, but he went astray here and anything he did from this point just ruined the good work he did for Afghanistan in the past. I hate the US government, I hate the Israeli government and what they have both done to the Palestinians breaks my heart, but killing innocent people as revenge is hypocrisy for me.

So then 9/11 happens. They say Bin Laden is the instigator, with no proof whatsoever. Bin Laden releases a tape and Fox News and Sky News translate it extremely questionably and say he took responsibility. No he did not. He did not say “I planned this attack” he never confirmed such a thing. If you ask someone from Saudi Arabia to translate what he said, it was more along the lines of “I don’t know if someone in my organisation attacked the USA, but if they did, well done to them, I applaud them”. The fact he applauds the act is disgusting, but we are talking about a proud Saudi Arabian man who defeated the Soviets and wants the world to know when he believes he has succeeded. Well if it was him, why the hell did he not take credit for it?! Fact is, from the mountains in Afghanistan and with all of your assets frozen, it is extremely difficult to plan something as tactically perfect as the 9/11 bombings. We’re talking about a place with no internet, no mobile phone coverage, no phone lines, fighting and death all around and hostility amongst common people. It does not make sense for Bin Laden to have masterminded 9/11, this was too professional, too slick and too calculated an operation for a man in Afghanistan to plan. Who did 9/11? I have my own theories on that which I will not discuss today.

So he goes into hiding for a decade and then suddenly his death is announced dramatically on Sunday. Wow! First question I ask Mr Obama and his predecessor Mr Bush is, “The World Trade Centre attacks killed 3,000 people, how many soldiers of USA  as well as civilians from Afghanistan and Pakistan died over the 10 years you tried to capture Bin Laden?” and you know what, you can bet your ass the number is way higher than 3,000. Statistics suggest, the lowest possible number of civilian fatalities in Afghanistan in the 10 years since trying to find Osama Bin Laden is 11,042. That’s almost four times as many people as those that died at the hands of the terrorists who planned 9/11 and that is an absolute minimum. I can guarantee the number is a lot higher than this. But even if it isn’t, are you telling me that the blood of a US civilian is four times more precious than that of an Afghani?

The second question I’d ask is “How much did it cost to bring this man to justice?”. How much do you guys think it cost? I’ll tell you. The USA has spent $400,862,264,789 on the war in Afghanistan since 2001. I don’t know about you guys, but I actually have no f***ing idea how to read that number!? Is that $400 billion?!!!?! Really!?!?! So you’ve killed at least four times as many people as the WTC attacks and spent over $400 billion trying to find Bin Laden? Oh my word! They could have used that money to educate and train every Muslim in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Palestine to secure their future, keep them away from terrorism and make the world a more peaceful place? But no. They used it to make a crater of Afghanistan. What insanity.

The third question I would ask, only to Obama is “You were suffering your worse ratings ever, you were behind in the polls, you had the lowest support in US history for a President in his first term, is it a coincidence that Osama dies at this very point in time?” of course he’d tell me it is, but I know bullsh** when I see it.

Now let me discuss this whole Bin Laden being killed thing. The attack was in Abbottabad, and it was very real. But what I am about to discuss dismisses the possibility of Bin Laden being associated with it completely. Now for people from a western background it is difficult to explain how things function in Pakistan. In towns like the one in Abbottabad, the communities are very tight knit. When I visit Kashmir, almost everyone in the village knows my name, who my dad is, who my mum is, who my grandparents are, who their grandparents were, the colour of my underwear, my blood type…. you get the picture. They know everything! They are a real gossip group, they love to know everything. My village itself, is very similar to this one in Abbottabad. Very tight knit community, shops, and a random big house on the edge. But everyone knows who the house belongs to. In poor countries like Pakistan, people thrive on knowing the rich, they give them hope and something to talk about. It is absolutely impossible that no one in Abbottabad knew who the house belonged to! On top of this, Pakistan is packed with beggars. Beggars work very differently in the Indian Sub-Continent, in common villages, no one has a lock on their front door. You can freely walk in and out of anyone’s house in Pakistan, unless you live in a major city. So the way beggars work is, they step into your premises, sit down and refuse to move until you pay them. When there is a locked up mansion with only 3 people living in their and no one has ever seen them, less fortunate people will take over and stay there. People must have tried it! On top of that, Pakistan reaches heats of 50 degrees sometimes, and has extremely unstable electricity. Baring this in mind, you can imagine how hot it gets inside. Whoever lived in this house would have stepped outside to get air, it would be torture not to and since almost every single Pakistani house has a balcony someone would see him! This whole Bin Laden living in a mansion in Pakistan is absolutely lies. And if you think the Pakistani’s protected him, you’re even more deluded! We’re talking about a country where the average wages are $3,000 per annum, would they really protect a man who has a $50million bounty on his head and who the majority of them blame for their country being at ransom to the USA. They would take that $50million at the drop of a hat, believe me.

So it’s literally impossible he lived in this house, and now what about the attack? First they say a helicopter landed on his house, then they say it landed on a field, then they say they found him in a room and he refused to surrender, then locals say the house was shelled and set on fire from outside, then one helicopter was shot down, but then it wasn’t? It get’s worse, they expect me and every human being on the planet to believe, that Osama Bin Laden, a man who has been in hiding for 10 years, who was a skilled fighter (he knew several martial arts and could murder you with his bare hands), trained by the CIA and a certified killer, expert of weapons (especially explosives and the AK47), 6’7 in height and has been at war his whole life, could not hear helicopters come to his house (when people 6km away heard them) and did not think to grab his gun and start shooting? And him and his henchmen who were equally as skilled as him, could not injure one American? Again, stop with the bullsh**. And even more, they say they respected Islamic traditions and buried him within 24 hours, at sea haha! Oh gosh, so they suddenly respect Islamic rulings and buried him ASAP because they didn’t want to offend the Muslim world?! I have relatives who’s bodies weren’t released until weeks after they died in the UK, because the NHS wanted to do tests and autopsy’s , but suddenly the USA gets a heart of gold and want to respect the Muslims? You wanna know how you can respect us? Get your backsides out of Iraq, out of Afghanistan, out of Pakistan and stop supporting Israel in their continued massacre of Palestinians. We ask for nothing more.

So where do I think Bin Laden is? This might shock you but I do think he is dead. He must be, the facts point to his demise. But he can’t have died on Sunday, it’s not possible. Let me present the evidence to you, his allies said 6-7 years ago that he was extremely ill. More than that, they say he had failed kidneys, and this is when the US still thought he was in Afghanistan. It is near impossible to find a dialysis machine in all of Afghanistan, let alone in the mountains where he was! And even if he had a dialysis machine, where the hell would he plug it into? A rock? And even if he did find a magic power socket to plug it into, he’s in a country where the electricity cuts off for several hours a day. On a battlefield with USA and UK bombing all of Afghanistan this man survived with failed kidneys? Forget his kidneys for a second, even a healthy young man would find it near impossible to survive in these circumstances! Let alone a 60 year old man, who’s aged, old, ill and needs new kidneys. This was 6-7 years ago. But around 3 years ago Benazir Bhutto said on live TV “Osama Bin laden is dead”. This woman was Prime Minister of Pakistan for around 8 years and is known to have good intelligence sources in the Iranian, Afghan and Pakistani regions, if she says he is dead, chances are he is. And she wasn’t the only one, The President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai also made this statement and said he had died a long time ago. Furthermore, the heads of most Islamic terrorist organisations have stated several times, Osama isn’t part of operations any more. They never said he died because it breaks the hearts of young terrorist wannabes across the world. But believe me when I say he’s been dead for years. Evidence points to the fact this whole mission was a sham and evidence points to the fact that Osama was dead years ago. Why pull the stunt then? The USA knew he was dead as well, I can guarantee that. They did not confirm his death because if he is still alive, it gives them a reason to stay in Afghanistan and continue to butcher innocent people. Now there are several reasons why Obama could have announced this. (a) Because they have another country to attack in Libya and a whole lot of oil to gain there, plus Qaddafi is a maniac terrorist figure to last for the foreseeable future. (b) Because Obama is suffering in the elections. (c) Because they want a reason to bully another Muslim country in Pakistan into doing things they don’t want to. Or (d) Obama wants an exit strategy in Afghanistan. It could be one of these reasons, it could be all four, I will trust those reading this article to use their own brain, do their own research and come to their own conclusions. Don’t believe the hype. This story has been littered with so many lies that we need to seek the truth for ourselves. Arainmunda, signing out.