It’s always something that I’ve never quite understood. Something that’s always confused and made me wonder what satisfaction people gain from doing it. Why do people blog? Why do people find the need to open up their web browser and write their thoughts down for the world to see?

When I was younger, some of my friends kept diaries or journals and I always wanted to keep one. I always used to think, how amazing would it be if I were able to write down my random thoughts and the activities that made up my day. I did try to keep a journal, and it lasted around 2 days before I realised….I had nothing to say.

Maybe…just maybe…that’s why I don’t understand Blogs. They’re really similar to journals only they’re electronic and there is an emphasis on others to read them, none of that “this diary is mine and NO one can read it” business. I read blogs that are written by journalists, friends, athletes, role models….the diversity is amazing. And there I was, on the outside looking in, thinking “I could do this Blog thing” just like when I was a kid thinking writing a journal was easy. Now here I am, writing on WordPress and again, I have NOTHING to say, only this time I’m telling the world. Will I write another blog after today? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.