It’s been in the news for quite some time and it’s created a storm across the world. On July13th 2010, France became the first country to impose a burqa ban which forced any Muslim woman (who wore one) to be arrested, fined and potentially take citizenship classes. The ban it self is supported by the majority in France, a poll carried out by Pew Research Centre suggested that 80% of the country were behind monsieur Sarkozy. The ban didn’t kick in immediately, they gave any Muslim who wore a burqa eight months to get adjusted before the law came into force properly. For those of you who don’t know what a burqa is, let me explain. It is a loose garment that is worn over the top of normal clothes and designed to hide the figure of a woman. It would cover your hair, arms and legs. This part of the outfit is called a jilbab and is a very common over garment worn by Muslim women across the world. If you were to go to east London, Luton or Bradford you’d find thousands of people wearing this part of the outfit. It’s massively disliked by the vast majority of British National Party, English Defence League and UK Independence supporters and even some Conservatives aren’t too fond of it. But if they dislike that, then the veil attachment which makes the jilbab a burqa will be something that particularly disgusts them. The purpose of the burqa is that it covers the face of the woman so that no male can gaze their eyes upon her except (a) her husband, (b) her father, (c) her grandfather, (d) her brother and  (e) her maternal or paternal uncle. The hijab (headscarf) and jilbab are also designed for these purposes, but the burqa is seen to take it to a different level by many across the globe. They can have different designs and be any colour, though they are typically plain, simple and black.

First of all, before discussing the moral and legal issues surrounding the burqa ban and whether it is right or wrong, let me give you my opinion on the burqa it self. As some of you may know, I’m a devoted Muslim and take my religion very seriously. I believe if you wear a burqa in a western country such as France, USA, UK you are putting yourself at a higher risk than you realise. The purpose of the burqa is to protect a woman and keep her secure and they definitely work. Think of rape, when was the last time someone was raped wearing a burqa? I mean from a rapist’s point of view, it’s just not worth it. Get through the veil, then the jilbab, then you have the clothes that are underneath! A rapist wants an easy target and a woman wearing a burqa is not. Furthermore the rapist cannot see what this woman looks like and immediately any attraction would be extremely limited. So does the burqa work? Whether people like it or not, the answer is an emphatic yes. Statistics prove it does, logic prove it does and ask anyone who wears one if they get stalked, harassed, sexually abused or assaulted, I’m certain the answer would be no. But, and this is a big but, does it protect them from these people any more than a jilbab (burqa minus the veil)? I don’t think it does. I think that in western countries, the jilbab and burqa are equally effective so that there is no need to wear the latter unless you really want to. Also, if you wear a burqa you are likely to draw more attention and hate from racists and fascists than you would if you wore just a jilbab. I think when you weight up the pros and cons, in a western country a jilbab is more appropriate for a Muslim woman who wants to cover up. In an Islamic state like Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Yemen, a burqa is common and therefore makes sense, but the west you’re probably better off with a jilbab. This however is purely my opinion and I could be horrendously wrong. Furthermore I have no issue or problem with anyone wearing a burka, everyone should be free to do what they want and wear whatever they like. My sister in-law wears a burka and never has it changed the way I see her, speak to her or in anyway hamper our relationship. So that is my opinion out of the way, what about the law in France it self?

This problem Sarkozy and the rest of France have with veils must be terrible you say. Think of all those veiled people walking around Paris and scaring away tourists and honeymooners, it must be awful for them? Well of the 62,616,488 people that live in France, it is estimated around 2,000 people wear a burqa. 2,000 people! That is 0.003% of the French population. So there has been debate, outrage and hatred towards a small group of women in France, most of which will be devoted housewives and never go out much anyway? That is absolutely absurd. They talk about it like it is a world wide issue that needs to be addressed and when you examine the details it is a minuscule amount of the population who are supposedly harming the heritage of France.

Coming back to Sarkozy the man who was so passionate about imposing the rule, just what type of person is he? I am not a fan of him and think the guy is a joke. He’s so self conscious and concerned about such irrelevant things in life that it makes me think, how on earth he became President of such a major country. When he has photographs taken with a group of people, he’ll purposely make sure they’re shorter than him and when he goes on stage he has a step up on the podium. He’s only 5’5 which is no big deal I mean hey, genetics are genetics and not everyone is blessed with height. The idea is to embrace it and be proud of who you are. The fact he is insecure about it and is leader of a country is preposterous. You need a head strong leader who doesn’t give a damn what people think and is fully focused on his job. Further to this insecurity is the colour of his hair? To me it says a lot when a man approaching his 60’s dyes his hair to appear younger. So let me get this straight, your face looks like a worn out leather belt, but your hair is suspiciously brown. I know I’m talking about appearance only here, but it boils down to the same thing, if you are insecure about your height and hair colour, then you should not be in charge of nation. You might say “everyone is human and has insecurities” which is true, but then they should be worthwhile ones. George Bush was a dimwit who created his own words but he didn’t appear to have any major insecurities. Back to Sarkozy, what further fumes me about this guy is probably something that winds up women too. Two failed marriages and each time he was divorced he went on to marry someone younger. When he divorced his second wife Cécilia Attias , he proceeded to marry someone over 10 years younger than her, and she was previously a world famous fashion model. What I don’t understand with him and Silvio Berlusconi (the Italian Prime Minister) is they had life long partners who looked after them, stuck with them in their battle to become leader of their country and then they’re kicked to the curb, divorce papers are filed and a new young model (or several in Mr Berlusconi’s case) come in. It says a lot about Sarkozy’s character that he is this shallow and when you couple this with his insecurities what you have is a man who in my mind should be addressing his personal problems before stepping up to try and run one of the worlds most powerful nations. He’s been involved in affairs, public scandals and like most politicians around the world, is a huge hypocrite. He was quoted in Saudi Arabia saying Islam was “one of the greatest and most beautiful civilizations the world has known” and then two years later bans a garment that is authentic to that same religion, if you really think it’s so beautiful Nico, why are you banning something Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) encouraged people to wear?

I’ll conclude with this. Can you imagine if the Saudi King visited France? It’d be amazing. King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz (with a suspiciously black goattie) would arrive with one of his wives and she’d be in a burqa. Oh…wait, she’s gonna be arrested, fined and given citizenship classes isn’t she? What is Sarkozy going to do in this scenario? Seriously? Is he going to force his wife to remove her veil? Will he call the police and have her arrested? What will he do!? It’s obvious isn’t it? He isn’t going to do a damn thing. I mean King Abdullah is a big fish and if you mess with him, things aren’t going to end well for you. We’re talking about the man who controls around 80% of the worlds oil, we know how important that is to the west. So if King Abdullah’s wife can walk around in France without a burqa, why is it the 2,000 Muslim women who actually live there can’t? The law is a sham. It is controversial, fascist, entices racial hatred and is bullying the minor burqa wearing population of France into leaving the country. It’s okay for a woman to walk around in a skimpy bikini in Paris, in fact Sarkozy will probably be checking her out, but if she’s wearing a burqa it is breaking the law. There is something seriously wrong with a country that doesn’t mind semi naked women walking around but makes it illegal to be fully covered. I could discuss this further, but the more I do, the more my blood boils. Mr Sarkozy and the supposed 80% of France who support this law need to take a good look at themselves, sort their morals out and stop picking on such a small number of people who aren’t harming anyone. The most worrying thing of all is that, most of the time racist and fascist people tend to lack intelligence and blame others for their shortcomings in life. This burqa ban is being applauded by intelligent and educated people. In October 2010, a 60 year old French lawyer racially abused, assaulted and then ripped off a 26 year old innocent Muslim woman’s veil in a clothing store. What right does this narrow minded cow have to do such a thing? In the aftermath of this attack, both women were arrested, neither were charged and the old hag was lauded as a national hero. Let me tell you guys something, and if anyone in France is reading this, even better. If England bought in such a fascist law, and a woman who committed racially motivated common assault was propelled to national heroin status, I would pack my bags and leave. No if’s and buts about it, I’d leave. And I really think those 2,000 burqa wearing Muslims and their families should do the same, because they are fighting a losing battle. On that slightly depressing note, this is Arainmunda signing out.