I consider myself a mature and hard working guy, with a dedicated nature and one who can set an example to youngsters and give them guidance. However, I often don’t act my age and skiving work and going through the internet looking for humorous viral videos is one of my flaws. I watch vloggers, am quite keen on the YouTube community and sites like FailBlog. From watching these vloggers and YouTube channels I have had some huge laughs, been inspired and sometimes just gotten ticked off. One of the channels I follow is =3 by Ray William Johnson. He’s a young, intelligent and humorous guy who is fast becoming one of the most famous people on the internet. He started his show =3 , as a politics vlog and then it slowly changed direction and became a comedy show reviewing viral videos. He was an impressive “15th most subscribed person globally on YouTube” around a year and a half ago and now it’s just a matter of time before he takes the number one spot. Not only that, he has other channels that include comical music videos that are flying up the YouTube rankings and currently more popular than his =3 show! The guy is a machine, and what’s sensational about him is that when he reviews a video, it will have around 100,000 views, once he’s done reviewing it, they tend to sky rocket and go well beyond this, one has even gone on to around 40million. See below for a typical episode of =3.

Ray William Johnson isn’t the only person on YouTube I follow though, probably my favourite YouTuber is a 24 year old Australian girl named Natalie Tran. Her channel, named CommunityChannel is just awesome. Her show consists of her speaking about the day to day activities of life, offering her take on certain things and making you laugh out loud at her realness! She is absolutely hilarious, mocks herself like no one else and is just hysterically funny. See below for a typical CommunityChannel video.

Humour is great, but sometimes when I’m down or when I need something to cheer me up, humour doesn’t do it. I mean jokes just aren’t as good when you’re depressed right? If I were upset I’d want something to touch my heart in a special kind of way, not an episode of =3 or a CommunityChannel video, with respect to them both. Enter Jorge and Alexa Narvaez the adorable and lovable father-daughter duet. You know, words can’t describe how touching and magical their videos are! I bet they could even make the hardest man say “awwwwwww” and they’d do it with ease! What makes them so amazing is the sweetness of their relationship and how they enjoy what they are doing so much. They look like they love each other like a father and daughter should and when you see how rude children are to their parents these days, it’s even more touching. This beautiful double act actually got so famous they appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and well done to them because they deserve all the credit they receive. I’ll end on this, anyone who thinks Alexa isn’t one of the cutest things ever, must be mentally disturbed! See below for the video, check some of their others and enjoy. Arainmunda, signing out.