Advertising dominates the world these days in more ways than we realise. There are so many different places it can be exploited that you’ll be hard pressed to name a day where you have not been exposed to it. Take Google, there isn’t a fee for using their search engine, so how do they pay their bills? One word, advertising. That has, is and always will be their main source of income. Heck they’ll even pay you to advertise for them. Think YouTube? All those annoying adverts before videos, they didn’t exist until Google bought them out. I’m not being critical or bashing Google here, anything that involves me not paying them and a blue chip company footing the bill is ay okay with me!

Where is the limit though? Recently TV advertising standards dropped when the government changed rules on product placement and increased the minutes per hour that broadcasters are allowed to show commercials. It won’t be long before you’ll see close up shots of Simon Cowell drinking Coca-Cola on UK X-Factor. Product placement is something I’m not a huge fan of, but damn does it work. You often find yourself watching a film and suddenly you see a familiar logo…it just stays on your mind. I watched a film called Chocolate over the weekend and after it finished, all I could think about was “damn I need some new Converses“, advertising is such a powerful tool. However, even though product placement is getting to a ridiculous point, it’s not even this I have a major problem with. I mean we are in control of our actions and if a Thai girl wearing Converse trainers in a movie leads to me spending money on my own pair, that is my own decision.

What I have a problem with, and a lot of people will disagree with me, is the placement of women on billboards, posters, shopping bags and other items so that it’s there for all to see. I mean over the last couple of days I’ve been in quite a few designer stores and seen numerous forms of advertising. Everything printed with a woman’s face or body is extremely sexual. I was in Guess three or four times recently, and oh my you need to see their standard carrier bags. To you guys it might not be such a big deal, but below is what I was forced to walk around with for around 2 hours:

Guess shopping bag

Attractive lady, but is it necessary?

You tell me. Would you feel 100% comfortable walking around with this in any particular environment? If you do, fair enough, but I’d like you to explain why! The other side of the bag has the following:

Guess Shopping Bag

The other side of the bag complete with Anna Nicole Smith.

A question I ask you is, would you mind if a 5 year old was exposed to this sort of thing? Neither woman is overly revealing, this much I agree. Heck looking from my office window I see more skin than on this bag. Does that make this bag okay though? You have a double sided carrier bag with two different women in very sexual and revealing positions. Ladies reading this article, how often do you strike poses like that? A lot of arguments are that seeing skin is natural, and nothing is more beautiful than a human being in their birthday suit. I disagree completely and believe with a passion that there are limits that are being broken without any sense of sorrow. Is it natural for a youngster to see a woman dressed in a skimpy outfit? Not really no. Is it natural for a youngster to then see that same woman giving him suggestive looks, absolutely not. If you believe that to be true, then go flash the next youth you see and report back to me on what the outcome is.

Probably the worse of all advertisements I’ve seen so far though, is the Miss Sixty poster. Who has seen it? It’s plastered all over London Underground and I’ll be shocked if you use the tube and haven’t seen this ad in particular.

Belen Rodriguez - Miss Sixty

Not overly revealing, but is it acceptable?

This one poster I have seen more than my mother in the last week. I can actually tell you the absolute minimum I will see it on a day to day basis. At Walthamstow Central I walk past this poster once and it is displayed in every single station up to Oxford circus (10 times). Here I will walk past this poster twice, before boarding a train and seeing it another 12 times. I then get off at Waterloo station walk through a tunnel and see it twice more. 26 views of this poster on my way to work, and the same amount of times on my way back home. So I will see this poster an absolute minimum of 52 times a day until it is removed. I don’t know about you, but I think that is ludicrous. I may not be a youngster, but I don’t want to see it 52 times in my day! Heck once is enough to give me a bit of a fluster haha! Again, she isn’t revealing all that much, but does she need to? The position she’s standing in and the look on her face is SO suggestive. Her name is Belen Rodriguez and she is an Argentine model and show girl. She clearly doesn’t mind her figure and suggestive posing being plastered over London Underground and she’s probably getting paid millions for it. I must sound like an old fogey here, but where has everyone’s morals gone? There was a time when stuff like this wasn’t allowed to be shown in environments where kids could be around, those boundaries have broken. It’s not just disheartening to someone who has views and opinions like me, what about all the women in the world who are shown something like this daily reminding them that they’ll probably never look that good. To top it off, half of the picture is modified and airbrushed, just how will women feel when they’re sat on a train next to their husband/boyfriend and they jump off to see them staring with great pleasure at this Miss Sixty poster, eyes firmy fixed on Miss Rodriguez’s behind? A sense of insecurity and a feeling that “If I want to keep my boyfriend/husband, I need to look like that”. No ladies, no you don’t. Yes Belen Rodriguez is quite a looker, yes her posters might make us look up once or twice, but you have no business trying to compete with an airbrushed model with no morals. You are who you are and that’s why we love you. Don’t change for shit. Arainmunda signing out.